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The Recruiting Train

Departing Stockholm central to Hudiksvall on Sunday the 16th of September 2018

Are you looking for a better quality of life which includes closeness to nature, more time with your family or loved ones, more time to invest in your hobbies, good schools and after work activities, but still within closeness of big cities, like Stockholm and Arlanda airport if you wish to travel or just break away for a weekend?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to cherish a quality life that includes short travel distances to your workplace at a company which not only appreciates your talent but works in every way to attract just the qualities you have to offer to add value to their organisation?

We have the answer for you! Please continue reading to not miss out on this opportunity!

On the 16th of September 2018, we will charter a return train from Stockholm to Hudiksvall for those who are ready or are interested to come and look at how life can be in Hälsingland.

Come and scan your opportunities at our Recruitment train event. We offer a meeting ground for you to meet exciting employers in the most innovative, fun and effective way!

The event:
The Trade & Industry office of the municipality of Hudiksvall has organised an event which works as a meeting ground/platform for employers in the Hudiksvall area to meet with you and match your skills and competence with their needs.

The program of the day:
1. The train departs Stockholm 08:01 on the 16th of September 2018.
2. Breakfast will be served on the train!
3. Once you arrive in Hudiksvall we have arranged transport for you to the recruiting fair, where you can mingle, exchange notes and explore the wide range of jobs available in this region, while meeting with your potential employers.
4. Simultaneously there are organized tours from the fair to take you around this quaint town and discover what Hudiksvall has to offer as a destination for you to live and work in. Come and feel the feeling.
5. Back home the train departs Hudiksvall at 16:30 and you will be back in Stockholm at 19:42, still in time to catch a movie ;-)

Value of the event:
The municipality of Hudiksvall has a goal to nurture 50,000 citizens which is possible only by attracting people to a lifestyle of convenience and quality.
The event is arranged to help companies in the area find the skills they need and convince citizens to reside in the municipality of Hudiksvall.

What is the cost for all of this?
The answer is 188 SEK per person! That includes your return trip on the train and all of the above!

For more info:
Mitalee Kotak
Business Developer
The trade & industry office of the municipality of Hudiksvall

We look forward to welcoming you to Hudiksvall!